From the PINK Every-Bellies Food Trailer Menu

From the PINK Every-Bellies Food Trailer Menu

What makes OUR TATERS special? It starts with our secret to the Potato Skin & is Custom Built by YOU! Top it off with our Customer Favorite: Blackened Grilled Chicken or Smoked BBQ Brisket! Not in the mood for a Potato? Try our Loaded Salad, topped with Grilled Chicken, & made from Scratch Dressings! And who doesn’t LOVE a Sweet Ending? We offer the sweetest of them all! The BEST Homemade Cookies in Town! Be as Healthy as you like! Or not?! We promise it will Satisfy EVERY-BELLY!

Keeping it Simple, Fun & Delicious with our “From the Trailer” Menu:

*Loaded Grilled Chicken Potato $8
*Loaded Beef Brisket Potato $8.50
*Grilled Chicken Salad Choice of Zesty Parmesan Italian Or Ranch and served with a Hot Roll. $8
*Loaded Sweet Potato with Choice of Grilled Chicken or Pecan Praline Filling $8
*Drinks $2
*Made from Scratch Cookies (Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Brownie or Sweet Ending of the Day) $1.00

Loaded = Butter, Cheese, Sour Cream… Everything is made fresh each morning!

Our dressings, cookies…etc are made from scratch!

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