The Dream started with a Pin & A Board. Thank you Pinterest.


 So, you hear it all the time…Dream BIG!

 Two years ago, I was happily introduced to my new best friend, PINTEREST!  4000+ Pins and 96 Boards later, we have nailed “Dream Big” together! Yes, along the way, this handy little app has helped improve my Cooking Skills, Motivated me to be a better Mother & Wife, helped me stay hip with the latest fashion, inspired me with words & allowed me to Dream BIG!  From Boards like: Dream Vacations, Dreams for our Boys, My Dream Figure, and My Dream for Every-bellies, to more realistic Boards like: Scrapbooking & Organizing 4000 pictures, and 99 ways to burn off the 4 coarse- 4ooo calorie Pinterest meal, that earned me the title, “Mother of the Year”.

The good news is Pinterest Dreams do come true! The bad news:  Sometimes  with a price.  In our case, my husband lost his job.  This gave God the opportunity to stir and resurrect the Vision & Dream, he had once placed in my heart.

Achieving your Dreams requires Risk.  Big Faith.  LOTS of prayer!  Especially, before asking your husband to invest a large chunk of the savings into a PINK Mobile Food Trailer, that you Pinned on Pinterest! 🙂

You see, Dreams don’t come true just by pinning them to your Dream Board! (Unless, your lucky enough to win the lottery;) It’s through circumstances, patience, and perseverance, that you see most dreams come full circle.  Ten years ago, when we moved back to Houston, God placed a vision in my heart, SLOWLY, I have watched it unfold.   I can’t see all that he has planned, but I am super excited about our future @ Every-Bellies! And of coarse, thankful for Pinterest Inspiration!

I pray that your inspired to pursue YOUR dreams! WHATEVER they are.  As I tell my boys, FOLLOW your heart, PRAY God’s will and WATCH for opportunities to Be A Blessing! God WILL open the door and bless your life abundantly in return!

Here’s to a Awesome 2014!

6 thoughts on “The Dream started with a Pin & A Board. Thank you Pinterest.

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